Personal Information

Name                                     : Yuan Fachrul Amanda
Address(es)                        : Perum Permata Karawaci, Block F No 9.
Phone No.                           : +628780806xxxx
E-mail                                   : yuanfachrulamanda[at]ymail[dot]com
Date of Birth                      : June, 28 1993
Nationality                         : Indonesian

Education Background

2011-now                            : Gunadarma University (Technology Information)
2008-2011                         : Five Senior High School of Tangerang
2005-2008                        : Eight Junior High School of Tangerang
2002-2005                        : SDN Jati 4 Tangerang

Personal Skil and Competences Language

Language(s)                       : English (good written and oral skills)

Computer Skill and Competences

Programming                    : PHP, HTML, Java, Visual Basic
Database                              : MySql
Operating System            : Windows, Linux

Additional Information

Interested in mobile computing, mobile technologies, hiking, travelling, climbing, parkour, gaming, and community.

I here by declare that all information above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


Yuan Fachrul Amanda


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